Floatlands – New World Revealed

Floatlands – New World Revealed

Excalibur Games and Team Floatlands announced that Floatlands, their beautiful survival-exploration game, has received a visual makeover. With brand new environmental assets, as well as a new river system, Floatlands looks more gorgeous than ever. Players will spend a lot of time mining, crafting, and base-building, so this new, larger, main island will play a vital role in the game.

Check out the reveal trailer of Floatlands – New World, featuring some in-game footage:


“The new world will act as a playground and a backdrop to players’ expansive activities in Floatlands. In addition to the mining, crafting and base-building already mentioned, the game features hunting, FPS combat, a deep faction system, survival mechanics and much more.

About Floatlands

Floatlands are rising amidst dreamlike skies. Explore each island as you hop from one to another, discovering landmarks, dark forbidding caves and fascinating native foliage. You’ll meet and speak with NPCs as you take on an army of robot adversaries.

Alongside familiar survival gameplay elements like crafting and building, Floatlands offers exciting quests, fortresses to siege from deadly enemies, and a beautiful world to explore in your very own personal helicopter – the Buzzard.

About Team Floatlands

Team Floatlands were founded in 2014, when the then small team started work on mobile games. By the time Team Floatlands released the mobile game Ore Miner, the team expanded to incorporate six members. Having concluded that the mobile games market had become oversaturated, the team sought opportunities in developing for PC.

The concept of Floatlands’ signature environments, along with every team-member’s unique contribution to the project have established a pleasant working environment. 2017 looks to be a turning point for the developer, from the growing Floatlands fanbase, to their latest and proudest announcement of cooperation from Excalibur Publishing.”

For more information on Floatlands – New World, visit its official website.

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