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Flat Kingdom is Available Now on Steam

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Flat Kingdom

Flat Kingdom is Available Now on Steam

Games Starter announced that Flat Kingdom, a papercraft platformer that is available now on Steam and The Humble Store.

Flat Kingdom brings us to a bi-dimensional fantasy world where everything is geometrical, one day, the theft of a magical jewel disrupts peace in the land! The unbalance between the second and third dimensions left only one being able to survive this chaos. Lead Flat, our shape shifting 2D hero defeat foes using a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Perform acrobatic special moves, fight bosses in epic battles, and restore peace to the Kingdom!

Watch Flat Kingdom’s launch trailer:

Filled with the best of old-school and modern platforming action, puzzles and metroidvania elements, Flat Kingdom is heavily influenced by Nintendo’s 80’s and 90’s classics, such as the Kirby series, first Mega Man titles, Demon’s Crest or Zelda, and even some modern titles like Super Meat Boy or FEZ. The soundtrack is composed by Manami Matsumae (Megaman, Shovel Knight).

Games Starter is the first Mexican publisher and incubator for indie games and the only of its kind in Latin America.

For more information about Flat Kingdom visit it’s official website.

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