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New World
New World

First Trailer Debuts for Amazon’s New World

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Amazon Game Studios debuted the first cinematic trailer for upcoming sandbox MMORPG New World last night at The Game Awards.

In an interview with Eurogamer’s Robert Purchese, game director Scot Lane offered some details regarding New World, its setting, and its guild warfare system involving massive scale battles of up to 50 versus 50 players. The game features an active combat system inspired by Dark Souls, where players must aim to land attacks. In addition, the game has a classless progression system in which weapons have their own skill trees.

According to the Eurogamer interview piece, New World is set on the island of Aeternum, a land infused with a magical substance called Azoth pushes up through the earth’s surface. This esoteric stuff can grant eternal life and magical power, but can also corrupt. It shapes the land it rises from, affecting creatures and vegetation alike.

The enormous battles and wars players can fight in New World will be available both in player versus player and player versus environment modes. “Our wars are 50 versus 50,” Lane said in the interview. “Or 50 players versus hundreds of AI attacking you. Basically what happens is there’s a territory-control game going on in the background for those who want to take it to that level.”

“Owning a territory is a big deal,” Lane said. “It means you can literally govern a territory. You get to set tax rates, you get to determine community projects. ‘How do we want to grow? Do we want to make our blacksmithing station level two, or do we want to focus on our tanning? Do we want to buy cannons for our walls?’ You’re working on setting goals and town projects people work towards.”

Gamers who prefer to not engage in PvP combat need not worry, as New World‘s player versus player wars are optional.

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