New Firewatch Trailer Quadrology By Campo Santo

FirewatchNew Firewatch Trailer Quadrology By Campo Santo

The San Francisco based developer Campo Santo is on the verge of releasing its first person mystery adventure game Firewatch. This upcoming title takes place in the wilderness of Wyoming during 1989 and features a lonely lookout named Henry. The fascinating aspect of this game has to do with the visual style with it’s saturated colors as well as the relationship between Henry and his unseen partner Delilah. In order to whet everyone’s appetite, the team put out four new trailers for the game featuring in-game footage.

The four videos are titled “Ambience,” “The June Fire,” “The Shale Side,” and “Trowel.” The first shows some lovely vistas of the Wyoming wilderness flaunting an array of colors. It is great to see more of Campo Santo’s depiction of this park, but the magic of Firewatch looks to be the interactions between Delilah and Henry. There is a lot to be taken from Henry’s tone of voice and how he banters back and forth with his partner. You get the feeling that, other than his job as a park ranger, Delilah is possibly the closest thing resembling a relationship that he has.

Just the fact that three out of the four trailers feature Henry conversing with his partner over radio in a playfully comedic fashion is telling of what Campo Santo is trying to achieve. It is hard to see how the environments with the caricature style of the people is going to come together in the final release from the outset, but it is a striking melding of elements in these video snippets.

There is still no information on the more mysterious elements of Firewatch, but the team is being very careful not to divulge anything that could compromise its unique edge. Despite this, the experience looks to be wrought well and the voice acting across all four trailers sounds great and exudes personality. Firewatch looks to be a nice little gaming diversion for the month.

Fortunately, you will not have to wait terribly long to unravel this tale. Firewatch is going to launch on February 9, 2016 for PC via Steam and PS4 on the Playstation Store at a price of $19.99 across both platforms.

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