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Enviornment from Firewatch
Enviornment from Firewatch

Firewatch Release Date Announced for PS4 and PC

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Firewatch Release Date Announced for PS4 and PC

It looks like February is going to be a pretty busy month with titles such as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Farcry: Primal, Mirror’s Edge and other smaller games. Thankfully, this comes out just before the heavy hitters so it has some room to breath. For those who don’t know, Firewatch is a mystery first-person indie game that’s being developed by Campo Santo where you explore the dark secrets of Wyoming Wilderness. Your only form of communication is a radio that you use to talk to your Supervisor. Check out the press release below for the full release date and more information in regards to Firewatch. Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for more latest news, reviews, previews, guides, features and much more.

Firewatch Arrives on February 9 2016 for PC & PS4

“Circle February 9 on your calendar, gather your friends, and put your camping trips on hold: Firewatch is coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4. At the same time!

Right now we’re still polishing, optimizing, writing, and developing the last bits of the game, but we can’t wait to put it out there for you to play. Our goal is a worldwide simultaneous release!

We’ll have much more to say in the lead-up to February 9, as well as some opportunities for folks to get an early hands-on. Keep an eye on the @camposanto Twitter feed for more, and feel free to toss us questions there or in the comments right on this blog.”


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