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FIFA 2020 Listed for Nintendo Switch

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FIFA 2020 Listed for Nintendo Switch

Well it looks like that the new FIFA coming out, FIFA 2020, will not only be an Xbox and Playstation 4, but for the Nintendo Switch as well.

A listing from Amazon confirmed the release of FIFA 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, and along with that the ability to pre-order the game.

This is the third time in a row that FIFA will be featured on the Nintendo console as they’ve started with FIFA 2018. Afterwards with FIFA 2019, many improvements were made to the series and now it’s been announced on the Switch.

Now aside from tone-down graphics and having the same support from the previous game, maybe EA Sports will continue to put more sports games onto the console. That’s right, games like NBA and NFL will finally see the light of day on the Nintendo Switch as it seems that EA has been ignoring the console with their sports games.

Now since the game is listed on Amazon, some new details have been released such as a sort of release date. According to Amazon, the game will be releasing on September 28, 2019. While the date isn’t official, it seems to make sense if true.

Reportedly FIFA 20 will feature some new changes including new career mode, new weather system and small tweaks and changes.

The game will have dynamic weather so players will be able to play FIFA 20 in the rain, snow, and wind. This feature is more of a small feature, but players have recognized that this was taken out in previous games. So this will be added to create more realism in games.

Also, player and manager career is coming back as in FIFA 13, you could play as both a player and manager in the same season. That’s right players will be able to buy and sell players to their team, along with the ability to put yourself into a match for game day.

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