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Far Cry Vaas
Far Cry Vaas

Far Cry Location Based VR Experience Announced

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Have you ever picked up Far Cry 3 and thought to yourself “Man, I wish I was really trapped on an island getting murdered by pirates.”? If you answered yes your in luck because now you can… Well… Sort of. Ubisoft has announced a new VR experience that will see you return to Rook Island. The game in question is called Far Cry: Dive Into Insanity.

For those hoping that this game will simply be a VR port of Far Cry 3, now is the point I need to let you down gently. This game is a location-based game, meaning it will only be available to play in several of Zero Latency’s locations around the globe. The game allows up to 8 people to take on the challenge.

Based on the trailer, players will play several characters from the main story of the game. It also sets up the popular villain Vaas as the main antagonist of the experience.

According to pictures, players will use in-house guns light guns and headsets. If you struggle to play VR at home due to limited space you can rest assured you will get plenty of space on location. to play the fast-paced action game. It will, of course, involve shooting tons of pirates as you battle your way through the world of Far Cry 3.

“Bolstered by Zero Latency’s one-of-a-kind concept, free-roaming VR is an excellent way for gamers and non-gamers alike to explore the vivid world of Far Cry,” Deborah Papiernik, VP of New Business at Ubisoft Stated, before adding “We’re thrilled to offer a game that brings people together to create memorable moments.”

If you do get to go expect a few issues to be present. Most Location-based games are bound to have some problems present early on. The game was developed by Zero Latency VR, a studio with a decent pedigree of location-based VR games behind them.

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