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Far Cry 6
Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Taunts Players Not Playing Enough Through Email

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It would appear that Ubisoft has forgotten that they are not the only company releasing games this year. In the ever-growing video game market companies are trying to come up with new ways to invest players in their games, Far Cry 6 has gone a different way, sending Emails to players telling them that ” Surely you can do better than this.”

Far Cry 6 happened to release at a crowded time of the year in terms of gaming releases it should not be shocking that players have jumped into it before switching to another game, maybe with plans to return, maybe having already got your fill. But it seems that players that have faded out are getting hit with emails written in the tone of the game villain Antón Castillo, portrayed in the game by Giancarlo Esposito. The email lists out your hours played, kills, and more while the villain thanks you for giving him ‘free reign’ over the island of Yara.

The practice of constantly engaging with your community is a ‘semi’ accepted practice when it comes to live service games such as Destiny, getting emails encouraging you to return for new events, the issue here is this is a single-player experience predominantly nothing has changed since you last played, Ubisoft is simply trying to goad you into returning. Worst yet, these emails seem to be getting sent to players that only have a few hours in the game, some plays have an excess of over 30 hours when receiving the email.

Similar to many Ubisoft games, Far Cry 6 has an in-game monetization system which is what this single-player game shares in common with some live service games. This tactic, while they aim to return players to the world of Yara and their fight to topple El Presidente’s reign, is most likely away that the longer they keep players’ time and emotion invested in the game, the more likely they are to spend additional money.

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