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Fallout 4 DLC Campaigns Detailed

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Fallout 4 DLCFallout 4 DLC Campaigns Detailed

Bethesda recently issued a press release thanking everyone for their support in partaking in Fallout 4 and divulged some new information on how the developer is going to expand the world with three large DLC. The company will be peppering these expanded campaigns across the next three months. Here is a little breakdown of what you can expect from these DLCs.

fallout4-dlc-automatronThe fist DLC pack is called Automatron and it is all about combating a robot army created by someone. All of these homicidal bots like Robobrain can be destroyed and their parts can be harvested to feed into one of Automatron’s cooler features. After amassing these parts you can create your very own robot companion and outfit it with weapons to help you in combat situations. There are more ways in which you can customize your robot such colors and spoken voices. The Falout 4 Automatron DLC will be launching this March and will sell for $9.99.

fallout4-dlc-wastelandworkshopThe second expansion for Fallout 4 is interesting because it takes the magical instance of different enemy types fighting each other to its logical extreme. In Wasteland Workshop allows the player to create cages to capture various creatures and human characters. With the creatures you can either train them or pit them in fights against the denizens of the region. Though the concept of this expansion seems to be a little thin in terms of content, the idea of being able bend a larger monster like a Deathclaw to your will and use it for either protection or entertainment could be really interesting. Because of the thin nature of this bit of content this particular DLC will sell at $4.99 and will come out sometime this April.

dlc-farharborThe third expansion is called Far Harbor and Bethesda Game Studios is boasting that it is by far the largest expansion in terms of the size of the expanded game world. Far Harbor is an Island off of the coast where radiation levels are much higher resulting in more dangerous creatures. This expansion seems to have a focus on conflicts between a few factions with them being the Synths, Children of the Atom and the local inhabitants. The new scenario also comes with new bits of equipment for your character along with new quests and dungeons. This DLC will launch during this coming May and will sell at a price of $24.99.

Bethesda is also promising to roll out new DLC for Fallout 4 throughout the duration of 2016. This DLC plan will drastically change the price of the game’s season pass. After the 1st of March, the price of the Fallout 4 season pass will change from $29.99 to $49.99.

For those who have already purchased the season pass or intend to purchase it before the cut-off date the original price will still apply. For anyone interested in these offerings, Bethesda will be running closed betas for each expansion for all three versions. Anyone selected for the closed betas will receive the full versions of said add-ons, so they will not have to purchase them upon official release.

The development studio has also stated that they will continue to patch Fallout 4 to improve the gameplay and technical performance of the title across all platforms. The team is also still working on finishing the Fallout 4 Creation Kit and reworking aspects of the Survival Mode. There has been no further mention as to when these particular features will see release.


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