Fallen Legion Having a Hands-on Demo at Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas

Fallen Legion Having a Hands-on Demo at Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas

It was announced by Yummy Yummy Tummy, that the best players from around the world will soon get a chance to bring their A-game during challenging Fallen Legion fights on theEvolution Championship Series (EVO). The hands-on demo, including an extra level prepared especially for the show and not available in the main game, will be taking place from July 14th to July 15th in Las Vegas in the MIX Indie Showcase Area.

Check out the gameplay trailer of Fallen Legion, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Fallen Legion, is coming exclusively to PS4 (as Fallen Legion: Sins of Empire) and to PS Vita (as Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion) on July 25th this year.

In Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire for PlayStation 4, you will embark on a personal journey with Princess Cecille and an enigmatic talking grimoire to restore glory to your crumbling home. You will get the chance to explore gorgeous, hand-drawn lands inhabited by rival soldiers and ferocious dragons. As well as fight enemy hordes with a team of living weapons and master devastating combo attacks to defeat challenging bosses with the game’s deep combat system.

While in Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion for PlayStation Vita you control Princess Cecille’s rival, Legatus Laendur, who is leading an army to overthrow the royal family. The end result is stories told on both platforms that complement each other to build the coherent, unique universe of Fenumia. A world where you’ll be forced to rule your empire between brutal battles and make gut-wrenching decisions that change the fate of your country and your people. It will be up to you to blackmail a prince to gain a strength buff or tax a starving village to revive one of your characters. Fallen Legionpushes players to make difficult decisions and witness the consequences of their choices.


  • A Legion At Your Command – Control up to four characters simultaneously, master devastating combos, and counter enemy attacks with a well-timed block in Fallen Legion’s unique battle system.
  • Every Choice Changes Your Empire – Players must make split-second decisions to rule their empire. These choices impact the game’s story.
  • Two Experiences, Two Stories – written by Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward editor Ben Bateman, Fallen Legion shows the scars of war from two perspectives in two different games.
  • Talented Voice Acting Cast – Fallen Legion stars Xanthe Huynh (Persona 5) as Cecille and Darrel Delfin as Laendur. Additional voiceover work by Kira Buckland, Jalen Cassell, Alan Lee, and Dorah Fine.
  • Magnificent 2D Artwork – From the fangs on our menacing manticore to each sun-kissed brick in Fenumia’s castle, all of the artwork has been hand-drawn to create a stunning world.

The game will debut on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on July 25th this year, but those that happen to be in Vegas between July 14th and 15th will have the opportunity to get their hands on Fallen Legion during EVO 2017 Championship Series. Spencer Yip (the game’s director) and Al Yang (the combat designer) will both be there and be ready to answer any questions gamers may have.”

For more information on Fallen Legion, visit its official website.

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