Exploit: Zero Day’s “Headless Swarm” Lands December 1st

Exploit: Zero Day’s “Headless Swarm” Lands December 1st

It was announced by Future Proof Games, that their cyber-thriller Exploit: Zero Day is getting its first season of story, “Headless Swarm”. Exploit: Zero Day runs in any modern browser, including on iPhone and Android. The “Headless Swarm” season costs $4.99, and will be available on December 1st, 2016. The first two hacking jobs are available immediately, and the remaining seven will be released over the upcoming months.

Check out the trailer of Exploit: Zero Day “Headless Swarm”, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Exploit: Zero Day is a cyberthriller with living story where you roleplay as a hacktivist by making and solving puzzles. Players are hackers participating in shared plots that challenge the authority and power of Samsara Digital, a company set on making money regardless of who gets hurt in the process.

In the “Headless Swarm” season, the mysterious Kilroy-sama approaches you to investigate the suspicious takeover of a consumer drone and you discover the history of the sinister OnyxHorde and their connection to an old friend. But why is Samsara Digital interested in these events? Who is their slick PR representative and what does she want? Can you save the Zero Day inner circle and stop a violent attack on innocents?


In 2009, long before Future Proof Games existed, Gregory released the original Exploit as a browser-based Flash game. It was a hit, and had enough interest in puzzle creation and sharing that Gregory released an update to allow people to do so.

With the notion that puzzle sharing was such a big draw and that browser ARGs like Fallen London were a fascinating format for storytelling, Future Proof Games began development on the sequel, Exploit: Zero Day (EZD) in early 2014. It was originally slated to be free-to-play, but as the game solidified and approached its Alpha 0 status, the team realized that a more traditional model would be a better fit for them and the game. With the Alpha 1 release finished, the game is in active testing and its core features are complete.

Future Proof Games is Melissa and Gregory Avery-Weir. They have previously released the unsettling Discordian satire Ossuary, a conversation-focused adventure game released in 2013 and available for PC and Mac on Steam and other stores. They are also remastering Gregory Avery-Weir’s classic “(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors”, which is currently in Steam Greenlight.”

For more information on Exploit: Zero day, visit its official website.

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