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halo infinite
halo infinite

Expect Multiple Betas For Halo Infinite Before Release

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With Halo Infinite becoming one of the most anticipated Xbox console exclusives within the next year and a half, many fans of the series are itching to try out the new game. Well, according to 343 Industries you won’t have to wait as long as the holiday 2020 release window to try out the game as there’s said to be a number of “opt-in flights”, or beta opportunities, before the game releases.

However, it seems a few instances may come along with the presumed betas, as stated in the blog post. The opt-in flights will hit Xbox players first with PC coming in second. Also, while the details of these beta opportunities are still a little vague, they might be more of closed beta rather than limited time open to the public demos. But 343 does mention these opt-in flights in a plural form so expect numerous one, so perhaps one of them may be open ot the public.

The blog post also goes a bit into details about other confirmed aspects, including splitscreen multiplayer, armor customization, the inclusion of black undersuits and the story of Master Chief in Infinite will take place directly after the conclusion of Halo 5.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to release during the holiday of 2020 for the Xbox Scarlett, Xbox One and PC.

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