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Eagle Flight VR Gameplay Reveal

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Evil Flight VR Gameplay Reveal

Ubisoft Funhouse took the stage at the Ubisoft E3 press conference to do a live demonstration of its flight-based tournament inspired title Eagle Flight. Eagle Flight is currently being developed to be playable across multiple VR display platforms including Oculus Rift. Oculus Founder Palmer Lucky himself joined Jason Holdman in showcasing the game using the Oculus display. Two teams of three demonstrators got together to show the team-based capture the flag gameplay that appears to be the premier gameplay mode of Eagle Flight so far. It is worth stating that this game is still in its alpha stages and is more or less meant to give players the sense of exhilaration. With the player piloting a bird and guiding it through the quaint town arena it is up to him or her to guid a ball through a goal ring to score point against the opposing team.

Gameplay was described as and likened to a game of football, but looks to be a free-flight take on capture the flag, as mentioned previously. The art style is pretty banal and basic with a lot of soft colors and textures being used. As bland as it may appear from the outset, it is actually a serviceable aesthetic choice which is good for pushing the visual look of free flight.  The motion blur complements the emphasis on speed. Players can use thermal currents to gain a speed boost and players can take one another. It certainly looks fun, but the concept needs to be fleshed out a bit more. Eagle Flight will launch this fall across all to-be available VR platforms.


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