Fortnite Adds Air Royale

Epic Games Introduces New Air Royale Mode, And More On Fortnite This Week

Epic Games released a brand new patch this week for their battle royale giant Fortnite, and with it came an all-new limited time dogfighting mode called Air Royale. Along with the new mode also came plenty of other challenging modes and a few other surprises.

Players can hop into the aerial battle royale mode and take to the skies in strictly duos-only matches. Everyone starts with three lives, players must stay airborne as touching the ground will eliminate player automatically in the new mode. The airplane adaption to the popular online game mode also brings some interesting concepts to the formula, like a storm circle that shrinks the sky causing players to fly lower and lower throughout the game, the ability to hijack opponents planes, and raining loot chests for gun upgrades, ammo and repair kits.

Epic also introduced another limited time mode that returns players to the ground floor, well, sort of. Food Fight – Deep Fried takes the original game mode from last year and adds a rising level of lava to the mix. Instead of your restaurant mascot being stuck to the ground, now each team’s mascot floats in the sky requiring teams to build up to the restaurant, and avoid being consumed by the rising lava.

A few other additions within the new update version 8.40 add the classic egg launcher skin to the grenade launcher, new legend and epic variants of the semi-automatic rifle – the Infantry Rifle, and now players can finally interact and pet their dogs and other pets added in the game’s Season 6 update.

There’s plenty of other bug fixes and tweaks to the game (along with a new tournament and new Creative Mode updates), which can be found at Epic Games Fortnite patch notes. The update is now available for download, so what are you waiting for? Take to the skies, already.

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