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Energy Heroes Early Access Begins in June 1st

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Energy Heroes Early Access Begins in June 1st

DSC Studio22, a French independent game development studio, announced today that the early access for its upcoming Free-to-play MOBA Third Person game Energy Heroes will begin on June 1, 2016.

Energy Heroes is a free-to-play team versus team science fiction Third Person Shooter designed to enhance collaborative gameplay experiences by tweaking the classic rules found in MOBA and other team based online multiplayer games.

Watch the trailer of Energy Heroes:

Created for the PC platform, Energy heroes is set in a distant future, featuring a rich science-fiction world where players can choose from 10 different characters belonging to three different species classifications with each their own unique set of skills and weapons. The environment sprinkled with a mix of style elements from the comic books and futuristic movies universe delivers contrasted colors and first-class graphics.

“The team at DSC Studio22 is a young creative pool of passionate gamers committed to deliver a new take on team-driven online gameplay mechanics” says, Thierry Haibach, Energy Heroes creative director and studio manager. “As gamers we have been frustrated with the lack of variety from online multiplayer strategic games for the most part limited to top down camera views and RTS controls. With Energy Heroes we are thrilled to integrate TPS mechanics into the founding principles of MOBA to establish new innovative gameplay experiences.”

DSC Studio22 is a French game developer based in Bordeaux, France. The studio brings its expertise and passion for online games to its inaugural title, the online sci-fi third-person shooter, Energy Heroes. The team is dedicated to expand upon tactical and collaborative based gaming by delivering original game designs and innovative gameplay experiences.

For more information on Energy Heroes, visit it’s official website.

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