ELOA is Switching Services

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ELOA is Switching Services

It was announced by Game&Game, a global online game portal site of KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency), that the MMORPG ELOA of Npic Soft is launching a new service at game portal site “GamenGame.com”. It has been decided to move to “GamenGame.com” after a year of service at Webzen from November in 2015, to provide better and stable service for players.

Check out the promotion video of ELOA, Featuring gameplay footage:

“ELOA’s regular re-open at “Gamengame” is on 17, Nov, 2016 after testing its server stability by CBT playing from 10 ~ 13, Nov, 2016. When CBT and regular launch is progressing, server will be opened in North & South America, Europe region server at the same time for the first open.

Dennis Choi, CEO of Npic Soft said, “Newly started ELOA will not only open the content from the beginning to Level 50 of EPIC 2 course but also offer different and great experience with newly improved and upgraded system. Especially, update of “Town Domination War” will enable the users of guild collect taxes from each town after they win PvP battle between guilds. This update is adopted to solve the lack of End content which has been pointed out as vulnerable part. It will be started initially on the global version from December, right after ELOA’s official launch on “GamenGame.com”.

Director Ho Jun kim added, “ELOA has been supported by the players from all over the world including Korea. As it is newly started from “GamenGame.com”, we will ease the limit for using the content such as ‘Mettel’ figure condition required for entering dungeon and also improve the balance of growing courses. For the last, we will adopt (apply) user’s feedback and request more quickly since ELOA of “GamenGame.com” would be operated actively by Npic soft. In addition, whereas we focused on PvE and dungeon-oriented update before, from now on we will focus on the new content such as large scale PvP conducted among the guilds and communities. Hope many of users play and enjoy newly updated game.”

In order to aim the new launching of ELOA, ELOA of “GamenGame.com”, targeting every user of ELOA, provides a great amount of compensation according to the number of ‘likes’ the newly opened ELOA Facebook page gets.”

For more information on ELOA, visit its new official website.

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