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The Elder Scrolls Legends Opening Cinematic Revealed at Bethesda’s E3

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The Elder Scrolls Legends Opening Cinematic Revealed at Bethesda’s E3

Today at the E3 Bethesda’s Press Conference was revealed the opening cinematic of The Elder Scrolls Legends, showcasing some of the story that will take place in the single player campaign for this card game established in The Elder Scrolls universe. The game will also feature Arena modes.

This Bethesda strategy card game features a gameplay style where you start with 3 cards in the hand and each turn the game adds one magic point needed to summon characters/monsters and cast spells. The summoned characters are placed in one of the 2 lanes that the game takes place and the objective is to reduce the life of the opponent to zero. The game also features the customization of your deck and the liberty to choose the class of your main character to play the deck.

Check out the Opening cinematic for the campaing mode in The Elder Scrolls Legends:

Bethesda is also inviting players to the BETA of The Elder Scrolls Legends to test all of its features.

The game will be coming to iPhones, Macs and Tablets with Android later this year.

“The introduction of lanes to the play mat creates an additional layer of strategy in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. When placing a card, you’ll need to carefully consider the full board. Which creatures are in which lanes? Which lane will your creature potentially have an advantage in? If you ignore a lane in favor of another, what, if anything, are you sacrificing? With the addition of special lane types, you’ll also need to account for each lane’s rules and effects. Understanding what a specific lane does in a given game, along with which creatures you place within them, can change the entire outcome of that game.

Lane Types

There are more than 20 special lane types in The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and each one has a unique effect on how your games will play out. Here are some basic details and strategies for a handful of the lane types you’ll encounter.

Shadow: This is the most common special lane and the default right lane in most matches. Shadow lanes provide cover for one turn to any creature played in them (with the exception of Charge and Guard creatures), preventing them from being attacked until the next turn.

Hall of Mirrors: Whenever the Hall of Mirrors lane is empty, a copy of the next creature you play will automatically be deployed there. If you already have a creature placed there, nothing will happen. But if the Mirror lane is empty, and you play a 4/4 creature…bam, two 4/4s! This is, of course, true for both players.

Graveyard: The Graveyard lane is similar to the Hall of Mirrors, only instead of getting a copy of your creature, you get a 1/1 Skeleton whenever a non-Skeleton creature in this lane is destroyed.

Champion’s Arena: In the Champion’s Arena lane, the first creature you attack with each turn can attack an additional time. This should cause you to pause before deploying creatures here, especially if your opponent already has something larger in the way. You’d hardly want to summon a 1/1 creature into this lane if your opponent already has a 3/3 creature there. Not only would you be losing your 1/1, but you would take an additional three damage, causing a pretty sizable health loss you might not otherwise face. On the other hand, not deploying the 1/1 might lead to you taking six damage. You’ll need to carefully weigh all your options.

Plunder: The Plunder lane is one of several truly random lanes. Whenever a creature is summoned to the Plunder lane, it’s equipped with a random item. This could be anything from a +1/+1 Improvised Weapon, to the much heartier +5/+5 Dwarven Armaments, or even a +1/+2 Hackwing Feather that grants you the Regenerate ability, restoring your creature’s health between each turn. The sky (or rather the game’s extensive item cache) is the limit. As you never know what item your creatures will be equipped with, the Plunder lane is difficult to plan around. You’ll have to think fast and constantly adapt your strategy.”

For more information on the game visit its official website.



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