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ES Blades Open Beta Available
ES Blades Open Beta Available

Elder Scrolls: Blades Has Entered Open Beta

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After an oddly sporadic closed beta last week, Bethesda has officially launched their mobile title, Elder Scrolls: Blades. Though still in an open beta stage, the game is available for anyone with a free Bethesda account, as well as a powerful enough smart device.

The tweet sent out by The Elder Scrolls official Twitter account also stated that during the open beta they will be looking for player feedback to further enhance the experience. Returning players from last week’s closed beta period will also notice some new updates and patches that will helps the game’s overall performance.

The silver chest “enemy” the tweet refers to are the silver loot chests that have become more of a hindrance and are typically avoided by the majority of players. Stay tuned as we hope to see an adjustment to this issue, as well as many others that will surely arise during the title’s open beta phase.

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