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Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Elden Ring Character Creator Leaked

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Elden Ring’s character creator recently leaked via the YouTuber, ER-SA, showing vast improvements from previous From Software games. Overall, the new character creator features diverse options for a greater variety of realistic or absurd character designs. Even though the leaked video omits labels for different customization options, it still shows a variety of facial sliders, hair, and skin tone options. 

During the six-minute video, which came from a closed-network test, the player picked a shade of specific colors for their character’s skin tone. They rummaged through 25 different hair options, 12 different facial hair options, and 38 different facial scars. Lastly, a slider was used to customize each section of the character’s face. With all of these options in hand, Elden Ring lets players create monstrosities, with prolonged cheeks and wide eyes, for example, or realistic depictions of a human. In the leaked video, the player made a male with green skin and splotches of red on his chest, legs, and arms. His face has protruding cheeks, circular eyes, and a fixed, large smile. 

In the grand scheme of From Software games, this character creator gives players much more freedom for creativity. In addition, the graphical upgrade in Elden Ring gives characters a natural look instead of the doll-like appearance from previous games. Twitter user @Theharryboi juxtaposed an Elden Ring character with a Dark Souls character to emphasize the difference.

Along with this leak, certain players had a chance to play a network test where they could traverse the open world and experience the various new additions to the game, like the horse and summoning features. The wait for Elden Ring on all platforms isn’t much longer. It releases on Feb. 25, 2022.

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