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Edge of Eternity ‘New Beginning’ Update Now Available on PC

Publisher Dear Villagers and developer Midgar Studio have announced the release of the “New Beginning” update for the PC version of Edge of Eternity. The update will launch by the end of summer for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions alongside all previously released updates. The update adds a new procedural generated dungeon with 50 levels, challenges, modifiers, a new prologue, chests, and more. A new trailer for the update was also released. Edge of Eternity is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch via cloud.

The full details via the publisher:

Ascending the Lighthouse

Nestled in the heart of the Solna Plain, the Lighthouse now opens its doors to you. Available from the start of Chapter II, head for the door where a Consort officer will be waiting to start a new chapter in this vast and mysterious edifice. Arm yourself with patience and your best equipment to complete the fifty levels that make up this endless tower…

To help you on your way, random modifiers can make your task easier… or get in the way. Numerous chests containing valuable equipment for the various members of your team litter the tower’s fifty floors. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to open them, or risk a pack of creatures descending on you in a corridor… Be careful, though: if your team succumbs before beating the next boss, then you’ll have to restart your ascent from the last checkpoint boss (e.g., if you die on floor 19, you’ll start again on floor 10, but if you die on floor 21, you’ll start again on floor 20).

When the guardian, the final boss of each level, is defeated, the level is permanently saved, while the next is unlocked. You will then be given a special amulet to equip in the “Accessory” slot of the “Equipment” menu as a reward. Don’t forget to equip your team members with the five unlockable amulets – they’ll be a great help to you whether you’re climbing the Lighthouse or enjoying the rest of your adventures on the Astryan continent.

We’ve taken care to create five distinct ambiences, with different biomes of creatures, environments and levels to suit all players. The Lighthouse is freely available from chapter II, so if you are stuck at some point, you can come back anytime later – the world of Heryon has many more treasures to offer!

New Prologue

Over the past three years, we’ve noticed that onboarding new players to our universe has been a major problem. Whether in terms of design, pacing, storytelling, animations, or its “WTF” feel, the old prologue—Chapter 0—didn’t reflect a fair image of the open-world experience we offer in Edge of Eternity. Over the past few months, we’ve decided to completely revamp the beginning of your adventure. The “drama” sequence is now chopped up, broken down and divided into three distinct sequences in the form of nightmarish dreams. As in the previous version, these moments will be fully playable when Daryon and your team fall asleep at key moments in the narrative (more precisely, in Chapters II and III). Overhauling the structure that underpins the experience was no mean feat, but we’ve come up with a result that we hope will convince you.

A new introduction is now available. For the more curious among you, you can find this new cinematic at the very beginning of the trailer above. All the controls and mechanics of open-world gameplay are now available to you from the very first minutes of play.

A Smoother Start to Your Adventure

As part of our drive to make your experience more fluid, we’ve decided to shorten travel times for several objectives that make up your main quest in Chapters I and II. Many pointless roundtrips have been eliminated in the Herelsor Plain and the Solna Plain, to offer you a more comfortable gaming experience until you obtain your mount. Once you’ve unlocked your mount, don’t hesitate to pass through the dandelions scattered around the world to increase your movement speed.

What’s Next?

After almost a year of live development on Edge Of Eternity, we need to take a step back from the updates, continue to hear your feedback and bring in new ideas, while continuing to fix the game’s many bugs. Nevertheless, we hope to be able to bring you a brand-new world map and loading screens in the coming months.

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