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Echoes, an Episodic Puzzler for PC

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Echoes, an Episodic Puzzler for PC

Thermo-Dynamic Games LTD has announced its first game. “Echoes” an Episodic psychological exploration puzzle experience for release on PC.

Echoes is an episodic game which explores psychology and mental health, it ties exploration gameplay with puzzles and features two distinctive visual styles based on the core narrative themes.

The Narrative follows a patient’s journey through counselling and overcoming their mental issues. The story, unique blend of visuals and challenging gameplay will come together to create an unforgettable experience.

Watch the Episode 1 Diagnosis announcement trailer of Echoes:

Episode 1: Diagnosis explores the beginnings of the character and establishes the unique “mind break” game mechanic where players will have to overcome challenging and alien sections of the environment in order to progress and discover the story behind it all. Set in a world created by our character’s dream states, Echoes changes from charming to challenging and weaves in narrative to tie the experience together.

“After an amazing showing at Dare to be Digital’s Indiefest section last August in Dundee” said Stephen Chapman “I came away from it feeling positive about the game and took on all the great feedback that players gave. I feel like Echoes is a direct result of a great concept that’s grown stronger, by listening to what the people who love these games want to see”

“It’s one of those games that you’d happily wander around in, just to take in the sights” Said Jaime Cross, Sound designer for the game.

“I’m excited to get into work on the sound of Echoes” – Luci Holland, Sound Composer. “The narrative and concept are inviting aspects to get my teeth into musically speaking, not to mention the beautiful, geometric level design and lush colour schemes providing a fantastic aesthetic bedrock for inspiration. I’m looking forward to working closely with Stephen and Jaime too – working collaboratively to realise something special and engaging for people to play is one of my favourite things to do.”

Echoes first episode will be releasing later this year, there will be early access through the recently announced Itch.io Refinery program coming soon for those who want to check out sections of the game early. More news on this late next month.

Thermo-Dynamic Games is and Independent developer working on PC titles. Founded just a year ago the studio is looking forward to releasing its debut title. A committed member of the independent community Stephen Chapman is keen to engage with the all aspects of the development process.

For more information on Echoes, visit it’s official website.

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