Echoes – Episode One: Diagnosis Greenlight Announcement

Echoes – Episode One: Diagnosis Greenlight Announcement

Today it was announced by Thermo-Dynamic Games LTD that its recently unveiled game Echoes has started its Steam Greenlight campaing.

Echoes has officially launched its Steam Greenlight campaing with a new trailer. This new trailer shows the games’ more realistic visual style and more focus on the subject matter of mental health. The first episode of Echoes is due to reach players later this year, more details of the game will be announced as the Greenlight campaign goes on.

Check out the Steam Greenlight trailer of Echoes – Episode 1: Diagnosis, featuring some gameplay footage with a bit of the story of the game:

“I’m extremely happy to be able to put Echoes on the Greenlight page, it will be a great chance for those interested in the game to ask questions and see how the game is shaping up”. Said Stephen Chapman”

“Thermo-Dynamic Games is looking forward to sharing more information in the coming weeks.

Thermo-Dynamic Games are currently talking with other platform holders and are hoping to be able to share more information very soon.

Echoes first episode will be releasing later this year, there will still be an early access chance through Refinery program coming soon for those who want to check out sections of the game early. For those out there who cannot wait, Echoes will be at the Dare to be Digital games festival in Dundee this August.

Thermo-Dynamic Games is and Independent developer working on PC titles. Founded just a year ago the studio is looking forward to releasing its debut title. A committed member of the independent community Stephen Chapman is keen to engage with the all aspects of the development process.”

For more information on Echoes – Episode 1: Diagnosis, please visit its Steam page.

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