Earthlock: Festival of Magic Gets Retail Release in Early 2017

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Gets Retail Release in Early 2017

It was announced by Snowcastle Games in collaboration with SOEDESCO, that they are releasing Earthlock: Festival of Magic for retail on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. These will be available worldwide early 2017.

Check out the 2017 trailer of Earthlock: Festival of Magic, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a very unique turn-based RPG, which succesfully mixes classic and modern features resulting in a very refreshing game with a deep story that will keep you playing for over 30 hours. Add to that the beautiful handdrawn graphics and it’s easy to see why Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a must-have for the new year!

What starts as a simple quest for desert scavenger Amon soon sprawls into a journey where several unlikely heroes join to save Umbra, a beautiful but harsh world that mysteriously stopped spinning thousands of cycles ago.

Explore the world of Umbra and face myriads of monsters in exhilarating turn-based combat. Kiting lets you strategically take on as many enemies as you like. The more enemies the more experience gained.

“We are delighted to have SOEDESCO bring a physical version of Earthlock to our fans and can’t wait for them to get their hands on the beautiful boxed version of our game,” says Bendik Stang, Lead Developer and CEO of Snowcastle Games .

Features of Earthlock: Festival of Magic

  • Explore the vast and magical world of Umbra
  • Fast and highly strategic turn‐based battles
  • Harvest magical materials and craft items on your home island
  • A set of unlikely and unique heroes, each with their own unique fighting style
  • Talent Table: combining a classic ‘skill tree’ and equipment to customise your character’s progression”

For more information on Earthlock: Festival of Magic, visit its official website.

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