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Project Genom
Project Genom

Early Access is Now Open to Project Genom

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Early Access is Now Open to Project Genom

It was announced today by Neuronhaze Studio, the world premiere of a new Sci-fi MMORPG Project Genom, an Early Access to which is now available on Steam. The developers are inviting everyone to plunge into the unpredictable world of future. On this day, thousands of players will wake up from cryogenic sleep in their underpants and begin their journey through an alien planet. You are going to solve a variety of puzzles, the answers to which will not always lie on the surface and come down just to killing innocent monsters. The most elegant solution is not necessarily marked on the map, and sometimes you need to put on your thinking cap to catch on to it.

Check out the trailer of Project Genom, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Once in the world of Genom. you can realize your potential as a human, mutant or a synth. All players begin their adventure on an equal footing, in a weak human body, but the further development is the path you carve for yourself. You will decide whether to change your body with artificial implants, to experiment with mutagens or to refrain from playing with nature, because even the human body can be strengthened by improving specific skills in the multi-level development system, which will provide you with dozens of options of equipment alone.

When you’re ready, step out of the Ark into the open world, which area on the first stage amounts to six square miles. You can explore this vast by foot or you can give yourself a ride on a quad bike. Looking around the planet, it’s important to remember that no one was expecting humans. More than forty species of living creatures will be ready to tear apart any outsider, who inadvertently set foot on their territory. Of course, players will face difficult dungeons and strong bosses, but the reward is worth it!

All this is seasoned with a fascinating storyline, which captures your attention as a good single-player RPG. In the Sci-fi universe setting, you will want to examine every object in the world highlighted with the “Eye”, and some of them may even throw you into a new adventure!

Purchasing Early Access now you will get all this and the whole game with a 20% discount. The game is being constantly updated, and there will be much more content very soon: gravity machines, robots, mounts, pets, building a spaceship and space travels, new adventures and epic PvP battles. All this will be available to Early Access players! No paid DLCs, no donate system — only the game and nothing but the game!”

For more information on Project Genom, visit its Steam page.

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