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EA Play 2019 Battlefield V Chapter 4
EA Play 2019 Battlefield V Chapter 4

EA Play: Battlefield V Chapter 4 Introduces New Maps, Private Games, And More

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EA Play started off the weekend the day before E3 2019 and with it came a flurry of news for EA Dice’s Battlefield V. As we get closer to the start of Chapter 4 in the ongoing Tides of War season, the crew from Battlefield V introduced tons of new content headed to the experience over the course of the new chapter.

The first map introduced is the North African wide open desert map, Al Sundan. This map is an incredibly massive sandbox filled with the classic Battlefield experience. There’s plenty of aerial and land vehicle combat, as well as the close quarters infantry firefights. You can expect to dive into the new Al Sundan map at the start of Chapter 4 which lands on June 27, 2019.

The second map coming to Battlefield V is the mountainous ridge village of Marita located in Greece. This rural town has a much more narrow and elongated design which is best suited for close quarter infantry and flanking. Ridding itself of vehicle combat, players will find themselves in chaotic moments and hectic combat situations in the new Marita map. You can expect to see the Marita map added to Battlefield V in July.

The next portion of Chapter 4 will introduce a variety of close-quarter maps that have yet to be detailed extensively but are said to introduce something the diehard Battlefield fan base have been yearning for. We can expect to hear more about these new close-quarter maps soon, as they are set to release in August near the end of Chapter 4.

One new highly demanded feature also making its way into the game as apart of the Tides of War Chapter 4 is the Max Rank increase. Skilled players will see the max rank increase from a measly 50 to a whopping 500. Once players hit rank 50, every rank after will reward players with company coins. And for every 50 ranks achieved players will receive dog tags and other items to show off your skills. The new Max Rank will be implemented into the game in August.

We can also expect to see the previously announced Private Games feature added to Battlefield V in September. Previously known as RSP, these private servers will allow players to create their own Battlefield experience for others to enjoy. It will also be a completely free update and will see various changes as the service continuously receives feedback from the fans.

One last map teased for the game is the incredibly exciting Operation Underground map. This new map will take players back into the Metro area and offer up intense close-quarter and flanking areas between underground subway stations and street level courtyards. We can expect to see this new vision for the Metro map in October in between Chapters 4 and 5.

And finally, the team from Dice showed off a quick snippet Chapter 5 content which includes players making a long-awaited return to the US invasion in Iwo Jima in 1942. Players will be able to dive back into the Pacific Islands and take on the iconic Japanese Army which will also include amphibious vehicles and units. Chapter 5 is expected to release later this year.

It’s a lot to take in if you’re a Battlefield V player and it seems like much of the future content is answering many wishes form the fans. Stay tuned for more updates regarding all of these maps introduced and what else lies ahead for Battlefield V.

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