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EA Play 2019 The Sims 4 Island Living
EA Play 2019 The Sims 4 Island Living

EA Play 2019: The Sims 4 Expansion Pack Island Living Revealed

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During today’s EA Play event a brand-new expansion pack, Island Living, was announced for The Sims 4. The new pack will see players living it out o the tropical Polynesian island of Sulani. Cold ocean waters, tiki bars, sun tanning and an active volcano, Island Living looks to introduce plenty of new and exciting features for the Sim 4 experience.

The new pack will come stocked with tons of new island themed outfits, such as clothing, accessories and hairstyles. And for the first time, players will also be able to have their sims dive into the ocean with open water gameplay. When cooling off in the waters, sims will be able to partake in a variety of activities like snorkeling, diving and even befriending dolphins.

There’s also a few new jobs introduced into the new expansion like becoming a dive instructor or the new career path of a Conservationist. The Conservationist role will have players cleaning up and taking care of the ecosystem within Sulani in a world where the island alters depending on how well do your job. The better you do, the more lush and lively the island becomes over time.

There will also be large support from the locals who will help out fellow sim neighbors during various hazards like fires, throw festivals your sim family can partake in and even throw their own Cava parties. You’ll also be able to spot various island spirits connected to the nature and offer praise or criticism depending on your choices and actions.

Island Living will also come with plenty of island themed decorations and housing options. Lounge chairs are making their debut, along with cabanas, stilted housing over the waters, and tons more. And one other addition to the Island living is the inclusion of mermaids. Players will be able to create and stylize their own mermaids who will find their home within the waters of Sulani.

The Island Living expansion is set to hit PC on June 21, 2019 and the PS4 and Xbox One on July 16, 2019.

Another announcement outside of Island Living is the Sims collaboration with “It Gets Better” which will introduce various Pride items, as well as gender neutral bathrooms. We can expect to see the new “It Gets Better” update on June 18 on PC while it will head over to the PS4 ad Xbox One in July.

And finally, the new Moschino Stuff pack will be heading over to the game along with a new career – Freelance Fashion Photographer. And if the fashion introductions weren’t enough, we were also teased with a new game pack coming to the Sims 4, Realm of Magic. We can expect more details to surface regarding this new magic pack as it’s expected to release this fall.

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