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EA Play 2019: Apex Legends Season 2 Content Revealed

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EA Play 2019: Apex Legends Season 2 Content Revealed

Alex Mendez comes to introduce the information regarding the Season 2 of Apex Legends with a new weapon, new mode, new legend, and a new battle pass and a new season.

Respawn’s Community Manager Jay Freshette is introduced to talk about the new legendary hunt event.

The Legendary Hunt event comes with an elite queue, challenges, XP and Battle Pass boosts and new Skins.

Placing in the top 5 in any match will be qualified for Apex Legends Elite Queue which will be more tense and fast-paced as the ring will close faster making you play faster.

Legendary Hunt challenges are introduced in order to get new items for the game like the Master of the Hunt Bloodhound, Wolfpack G7, and score at least two wins to get the Tamed Beast skin for the Triple Take.

Battle Pass owners will get the Honored Prey skin for the R-301 for free and in level 15, Night Terror Wraith will be unlocked.

Players who participate in the event will get an entire Battle Pass level with a first Top 5 finish of the day.

Double XP weekend will go from June 7-9. Additionally the rotating store will include more seasonal items. The event will run until June 18th.

Season 2 first details are mentioned by Drew McCoy, Executive Producer for Respawn.

Season 2 is coming on July 2 and will be called Battle Charge. The pass will have a seasonal approach for season 2 with a new character, weapon and new map events. Weapon balancing will take place to buff the weaker weapons specifically talking about the Mozambique.

New weapon is introduced to be the L Star, a gold-tier fully-automatic weapon that fires shots in rapid succession. It came back from Titanfall 2 and it’s a care package weapon as it’s considered to be “op.” It can also be used to push doors open.

Content considered to be underwhelming at the start, they then make leveling easier due to challenges daily and weekly challenges that will stack up. Additionally they’re getting rid of badges and stat-trackers that are taking up space for the leveling process.

New legendary skins are also being introduced such as Caustic’s Prince of Darkness, Octane’s Jade Tiger skin, Spitfire’s Intimidator, R-301 has a new Iron Rampage skin for level 100 the will become Gold as well.

A new ranked mode is also announced for Season 2 in which players will rank up with up 6 tiers, Bronze to apex Predator using matchmaking based on tiers. Based on where your rank ends in the season, you will get rewards

Finally the 10th legend is then introduced to be a character named Wattson. A new animated trailer introduces the character as she Mastered Quantum Laser Mechanics and is entering the games in order to test her father’s work. She and her father invented the Apex Legends rings and almost everyone in the game knows her, even Caustic.

She can place up to 12 nodes in order to create defenses that will keep enemies out and your teammates in a safe area. She places an interceptor that blocks grenades and any bombardment while charging up her team’s shields and Wattson’s abilities.

During the final trailer, it would look like some sort of Dragon creature is flying around and it’s suggested that it’s going to be part of King’s Canyon.

Season 2 will be available on July 2nd next month. So get ready for tons of new content, characters, and surprises.

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