EA Announces Origin Access, a Monthly Subscription Service for PC Games

Origin Access

EA Announces Origin Access, a Monthly Subscription Service for PC Games

EA just announced their new Origin Access service which is currently available today for U.S, Canada, UK and Germany and more countries are set to follow at a later date.

Origins Access is a subscription based monthly service that is designed to grant you unlimited access to a number of EA Games for one monthly flat fee of $4.99/£3.99 a month.

There are currently 15 games that are available for Origin Access Customers, such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Sims 3, This War of Mine. The full list of available games for Origin Access service can be found at Origins Access website here.

More titles from EA and Indie developers are expected to be added over time.

Origin Access members benefits include the following:

• Play More – Explore The Vault where members can download and play full versions of more than a dozen great PC games

• Play First –Play EA’s PC games for a limited time before they’re released. All your stats and progress carry over if you decide to buy the game

• Play for Less – Save 10% on your Origin purchases – from full games and DLC to content packs and more

Origin Access was created to deliver incredible PC gaming experiences at an incredible value while making it easier for you to discover and play great PC games. We hope you’ll give it a try by signing up at origin.com/origin-access.

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