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Unravel 2
Unravel 2

E3 2018: Unravel 2 Revealed at EA Press Conference

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E3 2018: Unravel 2 Revealed at EA Press Conference

Electronic Arts announced today during its E3 press conference, Unravel 2, with the big difference that there are two Yarnys, who must work together to progress. They can be controlled by one or two players.

Check out the reveal trailer of Unravel 2, featuring some gameplay footage:

Polygon tried out the game in a press hands-on of the game, and they said:

“Once again, the world is pretty, with a heavy reliance on wood, stones and water. But this sequel offers more variety than the first, with the game quickly moving from woodland to rooftop to meadow to factory floor.

Unravel 2’s Yarnys are more acrobatic and faster moving than the original, making for expansive levels and a heavier reliance on platforming skills, as well as puzzle solving. The developers wanted this game to be more a celebration of youth than the first game’s focus on family. They based many of the levels on their own memories of messing around as children.

It’s definitely more of a platformer, with lots of wall jumps, swinging moves and carefully timed executions. There are also enemies to avoid, which come in the form of shadows, which must be avoided. A spark leads the player through early puzzles.

The Yarnys I played with were red and blue, but I can change their colors and personalize them in other ways. This will come as a relief to players with colorblindness or other visual issues — the first game suffered from a surfeit of red-on-green.

Although the Yarnys aren’t specifically characters, with names and personalities, I can personalize them into avatars that somewhat represent me. It’s possible to make them look sweet and innocent, or more cheeky.”

For more information on Electronic Arts, visit its official website. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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