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NBA Live 18
NBA Live 18

E3 2017: NBA Live 18 First Trailer Revealed

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E3 2017: NBA Live 18 First Trailer Revealed

It was revealed by Electronic Arts during its E3 2017 briefing, that the NBA Live series will be making its return later this year in NBA Live 18. EA is looking to bring the fundamentals of basketball while also putting emphasis on personalization. This is reflected in a new mode called The One, that will have you select between The Streets, which sees you playing 5-on-5 matches on real-world courts like Venice Beach, or The League, which involves playing in the NBA. Players will be able to upgrade every gear they acquire.

Check out the reveal trailer of NBA Live 18, showcasing the games’ features:

A free demo for NBA Live 18 will be released in August, and progress from the game will carry over to the final game.

The new mode called The One, will let you play as your own custom character that you’re free to customize how you prefer. As you improve, you will be able to allocate points to mold the character into the type of player you want, whether that’s a sharpshooter or a low-post bruiser.

NBA Live 18 brings back a street ball mode that you can play between NBA matches. In this mode you’ll be able to team up with friends to participate in 5-on-5 street matches on real-life courts like those found at Venice Beach and Rucker Park.

NBA Live 18 will be launching this September for the PS4 and xbox One.

For more information on NBA Live 18, visit its official website.

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