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Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter World

E3 2017: Monster Hunter World Announced

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E3 2017: Monster Hunter World Announced

It was announced by Sony during its E3 2017 press conference, the return of the Monster Hunter franchise to Sony consoles with Monster Hunter World. The game was revealed with a gorgeous trailer that showcased some new and returning elements from the series.

Check out the announcement trailer of Monster Hunter World, featuring some new elements coming to the franchise:

In this installment, players can scale walls ans use grappling hooks to leap onto monsters to attack them. The trailer also showcased other new elements, such as a new weapon that resembles a machine gun and the previously mentioned grappling hook that allows you to swing. Players also now have the ability to fire off flares.

Just last week, Capcom filed a trademark for Monster Hunter: World, which led many to speculate the company was planning to reveal a new installment in the series.

Monster Hunter: World is releasing early 2018. The game is also coming to Xbox One and PC, the latter of which will be released after the console versions.

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