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E3 2017: Gameplay Walkthrough Video of Vampyr

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E3 2017: Gameplay Walkthrough Video of Vampyr

It was revealed by Dontnod Entertainment during this years’ E3, a gameplay video of their upcoming game Vampyr, an adventure in which players will be playing as a Vampire. In this Gameplay video we can learn a little bit more of the games’ story, how the combat mechanics will be, or the difficulties that players will face when making a decision.

Check out the gameplay video of Vampyr, featuring some gameplay footage:

In Vampyr we will be playing as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a man that has promised to save every sick person, but because of strange circumstances has been cursed. Converted into a vampire, he finds himself in need to hunt people in order to survive, and struggle between doing good deeds, respecting his oath to save the sick, or skip it altogether. Our decisions will impact the adventure and determine what kind of vampire we are.

In the gameplay video showed above, Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment wanted to demonstrate some of the mechanics that we are going to find in Vampyr. Of course, they wanted to make it clear that the game is still in alpha phase and may undergo small changes.

Vampyr is an adventure RPG and action game that will take us to the London of the early twentieth century, just when the city is suffering a serious outbreak of the Spanish Flu and will make us consider our own morality. Its release date is not yet set, but is expected to be available sometime in November 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

For more information on Vampyr, visit its official website.

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[…] more information on Vampyr, visit its official […]