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E3 2016: EA Announces Fe, an Indie Game

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E3 2016: EA Announces Fe, an Indie Game

Today at the EA presentation on the E3 2016, they announced an indie game called Fe by Zoink Games, part of the EA Originals collaboration program, where you are a little cub in a journey to save the forest from a mysterious evil that lurk in it, adventuring in the beautiful atmosphere of the forest where every living being has their own “song” or some sort of sound communication in which you can interact with them using your own sound waves or “song”. You can learn different “songs” to discover the secret that hides the forest and to unveil the evil presence motives.

Check out the trailer revealed in the EA announcement for Fe, featuring some of its gameplay mechanics:

Fe offers a one of a kind adventure and exploration game experience to the player with outstanding and beautiful visual with its unique artistic style. In the presentation of EA, they revealed a trailer for the game that features a gameplay footage for the game.

“Zoink is an award-winning creative content and game developer located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Focused on characters and storytelling, Zoink’s team of artists, designers, animators and programmers work across all forms of media to deliver high-production mobile, desktop and console games.”

For more information on Fe, visit its official website.


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