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Dying Light
Dying Light

Dying Light 2 Stay Human To Be Supported 5 Years After Launch

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Fresh off the news that Dying Light 2 Stay Human will take 5oo hours to 100 percent, the developer, Techland, announced they will support the game for 5 years post-launch. New in-game events, locations to explore, stories (presumedly supplementary campaigns), and additional in-game items are planned for the Dying Light 2 pipeline. 

There was no indication about whether or not this content will be free, but a look at the original’s post-launch support may give a few hints. It had four paid expansions including The Following, which brought the protagonist to a new countryside setting and introduced players to a new story. Dying Light 1 was also supported by 19 paid bundles, mostly consisting of outfits and weapons, and lastly, it received six free bundles of similar content, according to its Fandom page. Overall, Dying Light 1 had a long life span, with its last expansion, Hellraid, being released in 2020

History indicates that Dying Light 2 will have some large, paid expansions, and several smaller, in-game purchases. In addition, Techland could, very well, update the game for free, adding in some new content. The original Dying Light added an asymmetrical mode where players could take control of a Night Hunter.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s base game should have more than enough to do, seeing that completing the main story and side quests alone will take almost 100 hours. The game also boasts in-game decisions that can alter the storyline and drastically change the setting, signifying the importance of multiple playthroughs. It comes out on February 4, 2022, alongside other heavy hitters like Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring.

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