Dwarrows Begins its Kickstarter Campaign

Dwarrows Begins its Kickstarter Campaign

It was announced by Lithic Entertainment, Dwarrows, a light and fun hybrid game that is being developed by this 3-person studio based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is still in its first week on Kickstarter and has already blasted its way to more than halfway funded.

Check out the Kickstarter trailer of Dwarrows, showcasing the games’ features:

“Dwarrows, a peaceful 3rd person adventure and town-builder game set in a beautifully hand-crafted environment.

Dwarrows forms a happy marriage between the action-adventure and town-builder genres where exploration, puzzle solving, and questing are the means by which your town will advance. While the game is peaceful and relaxing this does not mean it is without challenge. Success in Dwarrows will require applying teamwork between the three player characters, building and optimizing your town, helping people, and even befriending animals.

Players take control of 3 expert colonizers to help build a new village for the displaced Wood-Elves. The trio have their own individual abilities which gives them each a unique role in the gameplay. The Dwarf, with his set of axes is well equipped to collect the resources needed to build the village. The Gnome, capable of building or repairing anything with her hammer, will build the structures. The Halfling, quick and agile can run and climb to reach the hidden treasures. As the player explores the world, they will encover new abilities and equipment to help them in their journey.

“We want Dwarrows to be the kind of game you could play after work with no stresses. A game that would let you relax while playing, but still makes you feel adventurous”  – Andy Woodford (Lithic Entertainment Co-Founder)

“Dwarrows is an entirely non-violent and non-punishing game. It is relaxing to play, but it still offers challenges through puzzles and keeping the villagers happy as the player expands the village.” – Al Bellemare (Lithic Entertainment Co-Founder)

“The game is very far along in development and we have been entirely self-funded so far, but we’re looking to Kickstarter to help out with a higher level of polish, especially with the right music to set the tone of the game.” – Andy Woodford (Lithic Entertainment Co-Founder)”

For more information on Dwarrows, visit its Kickstarter campaign.

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