Dusk Diver

Dusk Diver Announced for Switch and PC

Dusk Diver Announced for Switch and PC

JFI Games and JERA Game Studio announced Dusk Diver, an action-packed anime game that will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC. The estimate release date of Dusk Diver is in 2019.

Check out the announcement trailer of Dusk Diver (Japanese), featuring a cinematic video:

Dusk Diver Overview

Dusk Diver depicts the adventure that unfolds when protagonist Yang Yumo, a seemingly ordinary high school girl, gets caught up in a strange incident while shopping with friends in Taipei’s Ximending neighborhood.

Ximending is one of the fashion trendsetting areas of Taiwan, as well as a popular spot for sightseeing. Starting at Ximen MRT Station Exit 6, the game reporduces the distinctive streets of Ximending with an anime touch to create a familiar, yet somewhat mysterious world.

The reason the development team chose Ximending as the game’s setting is not only because it is a popular tourist spot, but also because it is where an ancient Taipei castle once stood, where various stories have been cultivated for over a century, and because it is a special town where traditional and modern, and culture and fashion intersect. In order to create a bustling Ximending within the game, the development team has gone through the town many times over, and tried its best to grasp as much of its characteristics and atmosphere as possible.

About Dusk Diver

In the concepts of mortal humans, the Gods reside in the sacred place named Kunlun. The Phantoms, in the mortal imaginations, were born in Dimension of Chaos. To mortal humans, the dimensions of the Gods and the Phantoms were distant but familiar.

Ximending, a crossroad of ancient and modern, where history and fashion intertwine; noisy and clamorous. And for that reasons, this place is full with endless vigor and also attracted the Gods and the Phantoms to set foot here.

As the time goes, the energy of different dimensions converges, resulting in an appearance of an unstable dimensional rift. This unpredictable rift became one of the possibilities for the Dimension of Chaos (Phantoms) and the Human Realm (Human) to connect and to travel to the Kunlun. For this, the troubled Kunlun has decided to vigorously intervene such phenomenon.

Thus, everyday afternoon from 17:00 to 19:00, so called the Moment of Dusk from the legend; is when the energy flows tend to become chaotic and violent. It is trivial for the Phantoms and the Mortals to enter the Kunlun realm unintentionally. Therefore, the Kunlun has named such a dimension as Youshanding.

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