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Drainpipe Contract Free on Google Playstore

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Drainpipe Contract

Drainpipe Contract Free on Google Playstore

Drainpipe Contract, The newest reimagining of the classic PIPES game, created by the up and coming Titli Studio, is out and is garnering favorable response of the game aficionados already.

Drainpipe Contract, the latest in Plumber Game, is now available on Google playstore TM. Done up with high quality graphics, Drainpipe Contract has taken the simple Pipes Game concept to a whole new level. The game now takes you plumbing to various cities all over the world, starting with NewYork City.

Watch the trailer of Drainpipe Contract:

One thing that strikes the most in Drainpipe contract is that its difficulty level has been ratcheted up considerably.

Drainpipe Contract Features

·         Play 5 Islands and 55 Challenging plumber puzzle levels
·         Complete island and earn 4 different type of island badges
·         6 types of difficulties never played before.
·         Free Play and Time Trial modes
·         Clean, colorful graphics
·         Test your mind against the puzzles.
·         Stuck on a level? Use hint to solve the puzzles!

Game Reviews:

★ This is what the editor CRAIG HURDA of androidguys.com has to say about the game:

Drain Pipe Contract is a truly challenging puzzle game that will have you scratching your head and wanting to try it again”

Truly difficult games can be hard to come by in the Play Store. Not just jerky, fickle tapping/rhythm games like all the “Flappy Bird” clones out there; I mean a game that can make you really think, and quickly stump you as you move even through the early levels

★ Editor MAXILIAN ROX review from baixaki.com.br

Drain Pipe: Plumber Game is a fun game for lovers of puzzles and puzzles.

★ Editor Manuel Ramirez review from androidsis.com

A simple puzzle but has great difficulty in its 55 levels. For those who do not like easy things


Download the game now on Google Play store and the Amazon App Store

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