Apex Legends Dragon Flyers Added

Dragons Have Been Added to Apex Legends Ahead of Season 2

Respawn has been upping the ante for their battle royale giant Apex Legends with a slew of new content, characters and weapons. The most recent update sees mythical beasts entering the arena with dragons soaring over top allowing players some new challenges and tactics for their BR experience.

These “flyers” as they’ve been dubbed throughout the Apex community offer a few different features. Smaller than what most would consider “real” dragon size, players can grapple and swing onto these winged beasts which typically only fly in circles. This could help some players effectively (and in style) make their way form point A to point B.

However, if grappling isn’t your thing then players can slay these flyers for some ultimate loot. Bringing down these beasts add more challenges to the game besides the battle royale aspect.

These new flyers have been added ahead of seasons 2 for Apex Legends which is expected to start up on July 2, 2019.

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