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Dragon Quest of the Stars Heads to the West Next Year

Square Enix is going on a roll with Dragon Quest. Dragon Quest XI S and the Dragon Quest I-III remasters launched several days ago on the Nintendo Switch. Square Enix announced some plans to bring Dragon Quest of the Stars to the west early next year. The game is about creating custom characters and heading to different planets to save the earth from being destroyed. What is it being destroyed by? A space demon probably, but either way you have to save the worlds.

Akira Toriyama designed all of the characters, including the option to use Super Sayain hair. It’s amobile game that features solo and multiplayer modes to battle monsters together. Players will be able to communicate with the use of stickers, so you can use slimes and golems to communicate with each other.

If you want, you can visit the game’s website and register for a chance to participate int he closed beta which begins on October 30th and end on November 11th. Participants will get a special in-game item whent he game launches. Also the beta is only on the Android, oh well.

For more information on Dragon Quest, check out here.

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