Dragon Quest IX Remake Teased by Creators

Today Dragon Quest IX fans received some delightful teases and details during the livestream dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the game’s initial release. While nothing was officially confirmed, there was some extensive talk regarding a potential remake of the game which is now leaving many fans wanting the teases to come to fruition.

Check out the livestream video of the discussion below featuring series designer Yuji Horii, executive producer Yuu Miyake, DQ IX producer Ryuutarou Ichimura, the game’s director Jin Fujisawa and Level-5 president Akihiro Hino:

The discussion interestingly details that the team has been tossing around the idea of a remake for the game for quite some time. They explain that because the first eight entries in the series have already seen their own remake or port, IX is presumably next on the list – if they continue following suit. Miyake then specifies that some people may want to simply enjoy the story, so a remake to home consoles (Dragon Quest IX released on the Nintendo DS exclusively) could definitely allow more fans to experience that.

There’s also plenty of discussion revolving around the game’s StreetPass online communication feature which allows players to party up together. Re-creating the experience for the Switch seems like the most likely scenario, especially when incorporating the game’s handheld design. It also seems like remaking the ninth entry with level design similar to Dragon Quest XI is something that could be a possibility with Level-5 hinting at taking the reigns as the team behind the possible remake.

It’s a rather exciting discussion considering there’s more talk between the developers about how plausible it is to get Dragon Quest IX’s source code working on the engine they have for the Switch. Of course, this all being speculation and nothing more than exciting talk, Miyake clarified that there was currently no working development for the project, but this was all just fun conversation. At least, yet, anyway.

All in all, the conversation seemed to invigorate not only fans, but the creators behind the game. The conversation ended with all fingers pointing towards Miyake as the one who needs to pull the trigger on the project. While he never officially confirmed that this might actually happen, it’s certainly looking like more of a reality than it did before the conversation began.

You can check out the entire conversation in detail over at Gematsu for a translation of the dialogue.

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Source: Games Talk

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