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Dragons Quest Heroes for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
Dragons Quest Heroes for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Dragon Quest Heroes DLC Available Today for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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The newest additions to the roster in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are now available and it adds various heroes from the Dragon Quest series. Along with the new roster additions also comes the new update version 4.0.0 which introduces a few new features to the game.

Check out the latest video showing off the Dragon Quest Hero character below:

The new fighter add-on also includes a new stage to fight on – Yggdrasil’s Altar – as well as new music form the Dragon Quest series. The Hero will come equipped with a sword and shield, as well as a few elemental spells from the series, such as Frizz (fire), Zap (electric) and Woosh (wind).

The new update tagged along with the new fighter brings over new features to the game as well. Players will now be able to join in online tournament mode, experience the game’s single player adventure on the “very easy” difficulty and be able to predict the winner in the game’s spectate mode.

The new Challenger Pack 2 will release for the game later today as well as become apart of the Fighters Pass which also includes the previously released Joker fighter from Persona 5, the upcoming Banjo-Kazooie fighter and two unannounced fighters incoming for in the future.

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