Dragon Quest Treasures

Dragon Quest Builders Now on Mobile Devices, Dragon Quest Treasures Gets New Teaser Trailer

Square Enix has revealed a new teaser trailer for its upcoming spin-off installment in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest Treasures. The trailer doesn’t reveal much aside from showing its two central characters, Erik and Mia. However, the trailer also reveals that more information will be announced in June. A simultaneous release of the game is also planned. 

Additionally, the publisher also announced that the building RPG Dragon Quest Builders is now available on Android and iOS at a discounted price of $21.99 from now until June 9. The game first launched on January 28, 2016, in Japan and on October 11, 2016, in North America, and on October 14, 2016, in Europe.

Details on the game via its publisher can be seen below:

Explore a world made of blocks as you gather, craft, and build to defeat the evil Dragonlord! Build everywhere from anywhere in Dragon Quest Builders, available now on mobile. Brought to you by Square Enix!

Key Features

Travel and Explore the Vast World of Dragon Quest – In this “Block-Building RPG,” YOU are the legendary builder that has the power to build! The realm of Alefgard has been plunged into darkness by the terrible and treacherous Dragonlord, the ruler of all monsters. Venture off on the epic adventure to restore Alefgard!

Face Off Against Vicious Foes – You will encounter Slimes, Golems, Dragons, and more. Familiar Dragon Quest monsters of all sizes threaten the survival of humankind! Craft weapons, build defenses, and fight the monsters to protect your base. Use your power to build and play smart when fighting against frightening enemies in action packed combat!

Gather, Craft, and Build from Anywhere – In this world made of blocks, everything you see can be materials used to create! Farm ingredients, craft various items and build your base to unite the people roaming the ruins. From buildings to entire towns, you have the freedom to make your village your very own. The power to build is in the palm of your hands!

Build Better on Mobile with Special Features Added – Place blocks by simply tapping the screen and destroy blocks and items more easily with specialized cursors. A convenient Undo Button function has also been added to allow you to restore your work! Convert your buildings in to Build Cards to share with friends and scan their buildings to have them show up in your island!

New Downloadable Content as In-App Purchases – New downloadable content added in “Terra Incognita,” the land where you can freely build and play! Downloadable content includes:

“Magic Carpet,” “Boss Monster Model Set,” “Astronomy Set”, and “Pixel Ring.”

“All in One Pack” (a set of the above four downloadable contents).

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