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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Adds Gohan and Vegito

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is meant to be an RPG of the entire Dragon Ball Z series it seems. In the game, we’ll be playing as Goku from the Raditz saga on, training and going through Goku’s journey of becoming a Super Saiyan. Bandai Namco has been releasing and sharing news for all their Dragonball affiliated games in the latest edition of V Jump. The first bit of news was that we’re finally getting the Dragonball Super version of Broly in Dragon Ball FighterZ after what seems like a lot of waiting. The second piece of news was that the original character from Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21 is coming to Xenoverse 2.

The final announcement given by Bandai Namco and V Jump is that Gohan and Vegito would be playable characters in the game’s iteration of the Buu saga. According to reports, most knew that we would get a playable Gohan as the young Saiyan is featured in the beginning sagas of Dragon Ball Z. It sounds like we’ll see iterations of young Gohan, teen Gohan and finally adult Gohan. The even bigger news is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta Vegito will also be playable in Dragonball Z Kakarot. For those unfamiliar (and I had to do some rewatching myself) Vegito appeared in the Buu Saga. Who knows what the fusion will look like and play like in an RPG style came like Kakarot.

The amount of playable characters continues to bolster as the game features Goku, Gohan (in all three forms), Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks and Vegito. It sounds like characters like Tien, Krillin, Chiaotzu and Yamcha will be supporting characters. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is set to release January 17th, 2020 and will definitely be one of the first big games to come out next year. What do you think about Vegito’s inclusion in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot? Let us know and make sure to follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter and Facebook.

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