Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Season 2 Will Launch February 16

Publisher Bandai Namco and developer Dimps has announced that season 2 content for Dragon Ball: The Breakers will launch on February 16. Dragon Ball: The Breakers is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.


The full details can be seen below:

Take charge as the Prince of Saiyans, where your goal is to eventually become the legendary Great Ape. But watch your tail, Survivors (especially Yajirobe) aren’t going to give up so easily!

New content includes:

New Raider

Vegeta (available via TP Tokens)

New Survivor Skins

Yajirobe (available via TP Tokens)

Chi-Chi (available via TP Tokens)

King Furry (available via Dragon Tier)

New Transpheres (available via Spirit Siphon)

Goku (Super Saiyan)

Gohan (Teen) (Super Saiyan)

New Customization Items and More (available via in-game shop)

Goku’s Gi (GT)

Trunks (Adult)’s Adventure Outfit (GT)

Granpa Gohan’s Mask

Saibaman Plush

New Map (available via free update)

Rocky Field


The game’s details can be seen below:

Dragon Ball: The Breakers consists of seven-versus-one matches where seven normal “Survivors” have been sucked into a mysterious phenomenon called the “Temporal Seam” and must contend with the overwhelming power of the eighth player, the franchise iconic rival “Raider,” whose task is to obliterate the Survivor team. The Survivors don’t have any superpowers and must rely on various power-up items, weapons, and pilotable vehicles to battle and evade the Raider while searching for the Super Time Machine to escape oblivion. Concurrently, the Raider will be able to play as Cell, Buu, or Frieza and amass overwhelming power to destroy the Survivor team throughout the match, ensuring complete dominance.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers also features a Survivor character customization mode which enables players to design their match avatars by using familiar Dragon Ball Survivor skins and decorative equipment earned with in-game credits or via optional in-game purchases. Additionally, Dragon Ball: The Breakers will link save data with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

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