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Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Super Baby 2 and Gogeta (SS4)
Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Super Baby 2 and Gogeta (SS4)

Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Super Baby 2 and Gogeta (SS4)

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Super Baby 2 is joining the roster in Dragon Ball FighterZ , January 15th. 

Super Baby 2 is the fourth hero to be announced in the FighterZ Pass 3, after Goku (Ultra Instinct), Kefla, and Master Roshi were released earlier this year.

The announcement came via a gameplay trailer for Super Baby 2. The trailer highlighted moves and abilities available in Super Baby 2’s kit. With the capability to draw from Vegeta’s powers, Super Baby 2 has many of the iconic barrages and energy volleys synonymous with the Saiyan Prince. Super Baby 2 has enhanced versions of all the Saiyan’s powers, including Kamehameha, a dark Spirit Bomb, and the ability to turn into a gargantuan ape. 

Super Baby 2 comes from Dragon Ball GT, a variant of the main antagonist from the Baby Saga, with a titular name to boot. Baby is an organism created by a race of beings known as the Tuffles, who were exterminated by the Saiyans. Baby is the first organism to reach a Saiyan, when Goku and crew stumble upon a lab harboring the parasitic soldier. 

Baby’s primary goal, in classic Dragon Ball villain style, is to end the Saiyan race. Also in keeping with the Dragon Ball flavor, Baby subsumes his enemies to become stronger versions of himself. After he has taken over Gohan, Baby consumes Vegeta. At first, he looks akin to Majin Vegeta but, after a while, Super Baby Vegeta 2 takes on his own unique features from Vegeta. 

At the end of the trailer, as a cherry on top, it was announced Gogeta (SS4) would be the final hero in the FighterZ Pass 3.

Super Baby 2 is coming January 15th for Dragon Ball FighterZ, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. 

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