Dragon Ball Fighter Z Releases New Screenshots of New Charcaters and Story

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Releases New Screenshots of New Charcaters and Story

Bandai Namco released today new images of Dragon Ball Fighter Z to present the attacks of new characters and to show a little more of the story mode. Fans of the saga will know that new characters have been revealed this week, we are talking about Ginyu and Nappa, who will be part of the Dragon Ball Fighter Z selectable characters.

Check out the Screenshots that shows Ginyu, Nappa and a glimpse of the gamees’ story:

Captain Ginyu will have the ability to call out all of the members of The Ginyu Force. His special Meteor attack will be “Body Change.” This ability will allow Ginyu to swap characters and health with their opponent.

As for Story Mode, it has been revealed that an incident occurs involving the downfall of all the Z Fighters. As players progress through the different Volumes of the game, they will have the opportunity to link with Goku and lather with other characters as well.

In the Androids Volume, players will link with Android 18, and during the Enemy Warriors Volume they will link with Frieza. Players will have opportunities to deepen their link with these and other characters, which may result in additional dialogue.

Players will progress through story mode by fighting across the map. They will also have the choice to focus on experience, skills, saving certain allies, and more.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is expected to release in early 2018 in North America. Recently, Bandai Namco also added Yamcha and Tien as playable characters.

Last, but not least, the pictures show the individual mode of the title. Dragon Ball Fighter Z will move away from the facts of the anime and manga, so it will present a completely new story. There are not many details for now, but we know Android 21 will play a key role in the development of the plot.

For more information on Dragon Ball Fighter Z, visit its official website.

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