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Doom: Eternal Gameplay and Features Revealed

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Doom: Eternal Gameplay and Features Revealed

More information on Doom: Eternal has been revealed for Bethesda’s E3 2019 press conference and it’s all very gory, and very interesting.

A trailer revealst hat not only will the doomslayer be fighting off the demon horde on Earth, it would seem that he has caught the attention of the heavens and they definitely want a piece of him as well. Doomslayer will have to fight his way through both demons and angels in order to stop the Demon and possible Angel takeover as well.

A trailer is then shown where Doomslayer is successfully climbing, jumping, and fighting through various environments while gathering health and powerups to deal with the immediate threat nearby. He will use his speed, his big guns, and his own fists to power through Heaven and Hell. Additonally the game has been announced to release in November 22nd on the PC, PlayStation 4, Ninendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Afterwards another gameplay demo is shown to demonstrate your new abilities against some new enemies while blowing up some heads. If the gameplay is true, then it will feature all of the amazing combat the previous game did with all of the strategy as well.

Doom Multiplayer also gets a Battlemode announced where it’s one fully-kitted out doomslayer versus two player-controlled demons. Utilized the abilities of the various, work together using your new powers, and summon more demons to defeat the Doomslayer. If you’re the Doomslayer, simply do what you do best and defeat the Demons using your guns, grapplehooks, and finishing moves.

Additionally Quakecon will get a whole set of panels and activities dedicated to DOOM calling it DOOMCON. It will be happening in both Dallas from July 25-28 and London July 26-27.

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