Dogos Coming in 2016 for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC


Dogos Coming in 2016 for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC

Indie game studio OPQAM announced that Dogos will be released this year for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows. Also the studio is looking for the greenlight in it’s Steam Greenlight Campaing.

Watch the trailer of Dogos:

Inspired by classical Shmups! DOGOS  uses current tech to bring gaming experience to the next level. Putting the player in the shoes of Desmond Phoenix, a skilled pilot in command  of sophisticated ships equipped with various types of powerful weapons, DOGOS  invites you to explore 14 original open world levels completely made in 3D, giving players the opportunity to meet goals from any angle they can imagine!
Intensive action, an insane amount of shooting and explosions,  (not kidding a lot of explosions), all accompanied by an incredible and catchy soundtrack.

If you are looking for an experience that really tests your skills and reflexes.
If you like fast and action-packed games.
If you want to fight powerful  BOSSES and vast hordes of enemies.
Then DOGOS  is what you are looking for!


50 years ago the earth was invaded by a race of biomechanical beings.
Humans, nicknamed Zeetnuks.

Those creatures turned into dust everything in their path. They consumed almost every  resource on our planet.

In the last years of the war, it was possible to build a bunch of airships in order to change the course of battle. Combining human technology with Zeetnuk tech, a squadron of powerful airships was born. The engineers christened KZ-72 and KZ-15. Pilots preferred to call them DOGOS.

However, before the squad could go into combat something went wrong, and the Zeetnuks launched a surprise attack on the human base where the prototypes were built.

Fortunately, Desmond Phoenix, being the skilled pilot he is managed to take control of one of the ships and escaped death.
Desmond and his innate ability to fly serve as a fundamental pillar in the outcome of the war against the Zeetnuk.

DOGOS tells the story of Desmond Phoenix  and how his actions changed the destiny of the human race.


  • 3D OPEN WORLD: 14 open world levels full of detail. Navigate them as you wish.
    Beautiful and detailed level design. Gorgeous Textures and Awesome dynamic illumination.
  • DIFFERENT  GAMEPLAY CAMERA MODES: Dynamic in-game camera changes offers a complete new form of gameplay in games like this.
  • LOTS OF ENEMIES AND  HARD FINAL BOSSES: A huge variety of enemies and bosses, you’re obligated to create new strategies at every minute which ensures hours of fun.
  • CAREFULLY BALANCED GAMEPLAY: 4 Levels of difficulty will deliver different gameplay possibilities to the newcomer and to also the most experienced player.
  • ASTONISHING VISUAL ART,  AMAZING SOUND AND STICKY MELODIES: We offer you a high level of sound and music originality, and of course, high definition graphics.  This game is gonna blow your senses away.
  • FREE SOUNDTRACK AND WALLPAPERS TO DOWNLOAD: With the game  you’ll have access to download all the DOGOS songs and astonishing wallpapers.
  • HIGH SPEED GAME REQUIRES OPTIMAL REFLEXES: Running at 60fps at 1080P resolution amid the chaos of alien warfare, this game will truly test your senses and reflexes.  So… try not Blink if you want to stay alive.
  • CHOSE YOUR SET UP, CHOOSE YOUR GAMEPLAY STYLE: Ships, armament, skins, try all the configurations you want until you find the one that fits you.

For more information on Dogos visit it’s offcial website.


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