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Doctor Who Edge
Doctor Who Edge

Doctor Who: Edge Of Time: Release Date Announced

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The Doctor Who franchise for all intents and purposes should be considered a classic, running 26 seasons during its first stint running from the 60s all the way into the late 80s. The show’s popularity continues now as the show has run for another 12 seasons or series. With this BBC has decided to produce and create games involving the Doctor. The first Doctor Who VR, Doctor Who: The Runaway game was more of an experience to see than a game to play. Shortly after that though the BBC game studios closed down, however, this hasn’t stopped BBC from allowing other companies to make games using the property. This brings us to Doctor Who: Edge of Time developed by Maze Studios. The game was slated to be released back in late September and ended up getting pushed back to November 12th and it will have all the puzzles and challenges we’ve grown to love in VR.

With the game being right around the corner we were given a brand new trailer which you can peep below. Edge of Time has the player as a companion of the Doctor in an attempt to stop the reality virus from destroying the world. Maze Theory says you’ll be able to fight with and fight against other classics foes from the entire series.

It looks like the game will fit right in with the actual show, containing the dark humor and sci-fi adventures we’ve grown to love over the show’s tenure. This is just the first game Maze Theory seems to be producing for BBC with a Peaky Blinders game coming in 2020. Have you played some of the BBC VR games? Will you be picking up Doctor Who: Edge of Time next month? What do you think a Peaky Blinders game would like? Let us know and make sure you follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter and Facebook?

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