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Distortions Coming Soon on PC

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Distortions Coming Soon on PC

Distortions is an indie game that is a musical and full of drama and thrill. The soon-to-be released game from Among Giants, an independent studio formed by a team of young game developers. “Distortions” is a 3D game in third person, set in a surreal atmosphere, that promises to catch the player’s attention. Together with the main character, you will be challenged on a search for answers in an adventure through an unknown place.

Check out the reveal trailer of Distortions, featuring cinematic storytelling with some gameplay footage:


In the story, a girl wakes up in a bed, in a strange room that she doesn’t recognize. Not knowing where she is or what’s happening, she realizes that even time seems to have stopped – all objects in the room are frozen in place and gravity appears to have no influence on them.

The player has to lead the girl through a journey across a vast and lonely world, in an attempt to find the answers for the uncertainties that surround her. She carries only a violin, which she must use in creative ways to protect herself. The instrument is all she has to defeat enemies, manipulate the environment and find lost music sheets and the pages of a journal, written by a mysterious figure that could prove useful to guide her.

The game is influenced by games like Shadow of the Colossus and Silent Hill 2, and movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Once.

A game in chapters

To be released in chapters, the game shows thoughtful attention to artistic design and visual elements over it’s 3D sceneries. The team also focused on the game’s story as one of the main features, with a script that invites the player to travel alongside the main protagonist in a surprising narrative experience. Another feature is the soundtrack, with licenced songs of bands from different countries, as “Dredg”, “Labirinto” and “Hopesfall”.

“We did a lot of research in technology and created a number of concepts in order to make a game with a design that people would consider compelling. It was also mandatory to us to write a story that would inspire people to find out more about it inside the game world”, explains Thiago Girello, one of the creators and developers of the game. “It was hard to bring those concepts to the level we wanted, and we’re happy with the result we’re achieving”, he adds. The team also relies on the talents of Cadu Luca, Ricardo de Brito and Chris Smith.

The first chapter (which contains the Prologue, Part 1, and Part 2) of “Distortions” is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017. The game is being produced for PC (and has other platforms as Mac, PS4 and Xbox One as possible goals).”

For more information on Distrotions, visit its official website.

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